What is Volunteer Dubuque?

Volunteer Dubuque is Dubuque’s clearinghouse for volunteer opportunities. For enthusiastic residents looking to volunteer, Volunteer Dubuque is your resource hub! For non- profits, city partners, city departments and city initiatives looking to enhance your community involvement, Volunteer Dubuque can promote your programs and volunteer opportunities and then provide you with productive and interested volunteers!

The mission of Volunteer Dubuque is to create a Dubuque community where service is a standard that fosters social cohesion, neighborhood interaction and community engagement resulting in a more safe, inclusive and prospering Dubuque.

How You Can Volunteer:

So you want to volunteer?  Simply sign up with Volunteer Dubuque and receive the following benefits:

Find volunteer opportunities by:

  • Your Skills
  • Your Interests
  • Your Availability
  • Your Agency or Department

Become an Emergency Response Volunteer:

This registration helps Dubuque become more prepared when the next emergency comes our way! Simply register as a volunteer and click YES to become an emergency volunteer! You can even register with your specific skills and abilities. By pre-registering as an emergency volunteer, you’re taking the first step to assisting the community in one of its most urgent times.

What are you waiting for? Sign up as a volunteer below!


Are you an agency looking to engage and recruit more volunteers? If so, please register with Volunteer Dubuque!