Connection - ResourcesUnite!


The process of connecting people to resources and volunteer opportunities is important for us at Resources Unite, but it’s not what drives us to be our best every single day. No, it’s about the actual connection; the relationship we hope to build with the person. Our greatest strength is probably listening more than anything else. We want to hear your story. With every answer provided, we’ve got another question to ask in hopes of learning more. Your story is important to us.

We were delivering water to complete strangers in Flint Michigan when the power of connection became clearer than ever before. Over and over again, people would refuse the free water. “Thank you, but I would prefer you give the water to my neighbor and just spend some time with me. I feel alone and forgotten.”

People were choosing connection over clean water.

At the beginning of every presentation about our work, we share what we believe about people. We know with absolute certainty that people want to get involved in their community and make a difference. This is what matters most. It’s not about how much money we make or the things we collect along the way. No, we want to be able look back on life and know that we made an impact.

There’s more to that though. A lot more. I think about the years I was in the Marine Corps. I was, and still am, very proud of my work in the Marines. There was no question that we were making a difference every single day that we laced up our boots. But what’s stayed with me more than anything now twenty years removed, is the relationships I made during that time. They became my brothers. I would be on a plane tomorrow if I received a call today from one of those guys if they called saying they were in need. Without hesitation.

And so when I think about the people who come through our doors at RU asking for resources or suggestions of places to volunteer, I know that most often they are asking for connection. They are asking for something that we all so often take for granted and don’t have the courage to ask for ourselves.

This is who we are. We are a connection center. Stop in. See what we’re all about and don’t be surprised if you leave feeling like you just made a new friend.