The Team

How We Got Here

We started ResourcesUnite with a vision of connecting the community to resources and to one another. Time and time again, we found that individuals didn’t know of the services offered in our community. Our thought was to create an online directory of all community resources that is provider generated and allows the user to find exactly what they are looking for depending on their specific needs. So we set off to build this tool.

The creation of the directory started out on a whiteboard as we mapped all the community services that were available to community members. We created a directory which was uniquely it’s own in the social service field. A directory which was provider created and provider maintained.

While our directory is a great tool, we quickly learned that it was not “the” tool. We learned that in order to connect people to one another in any given community, multiple tools need to be provided. We spent hours upon hours brainstorming with our white board. As the weeks and months passed, we learned a lot from our community. Through a number of meetings with individuals, organizations, companies, and community leaders, it was clear that people wanted to connect; they wanted to get involved in our community, but didn’t know how.