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Building friendships to end bullying and making our community a better place is something that is important to me and I hope it’s important to you too. The first Clare Cares project was to put a Buddy Bench on my school’s playground to help end bullying. The community has been so awesome with support that together we are able to put more than 25 Buddy Benches on playgrounds throughout the tri-state area. I knew I needed to do more to sustain my mission and to involve more kids and community members so that’s where Clare Cares monthly Buddy Play Dates began. At each event we come together, have fun, build friendships and do a give back to the community. Please join me in spreading my mission of changing the world by building friendships and making our community a better place.

Clare Vosberg
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Volunteer Need 1
Assist with Clare Cares Buddy Play Dates: help plan, organize, advertise and attend the monthly Buddy Play Dates
Volunteer Need 2
Help spread Clare Cares mission by helping to promote Clare Cares and involve more kids and community members
Volunteer Need 3
Interested in being on a sub-committee for other Clare Cares projects? Let us know! We are always looking for like minded individuals who want to change the world by building friendships.
Volunteer Need 4
Are you a business or organization that would like to help? We are always looking for hosts for our Buddy Play Dates and community give back projects that we work on.