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Dedicated to aiding individuals experiencing crisis due to homelessness, poverty or Domestic Violence, Waypoint (formerly YWCA) has served as a vital community resource since 1894. Over the years, we’ve honored our tradition of improving lives through our stabilizing resources and services, including support that empowers domestic violence victims, shelter for homeless women and children, and proactive solutions for those in poverty. Accompanying our critical services is our cost-effective child care, designed to give children the skills they need to thrive.

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Volunteer Need 1
Domestic Violence Victim Services Volunteer: Waypoint Services, the Comprehensive Domestic Violence Victim Service provider serving Benton, Black Hawk, Buchanan, Delaware, Dubuque, Jones and Linn Counties is looking for volunteers to assist individuals experiencing controlling, abusive partners. Ideal candidates are non-judgmental, compassionate, encouraging, and empowering. Free training is provided.
Volunteer Need 2
Daytime Resource Program: Organizing donated personal hygiene items and assembling personal hygiene kits for individuals who are living in poverty and come to Waypoint for these needs. The need for volunteers is based on the amount of donations Waypoint receives.
Volunteer Need 3
May Baskets for the Homeless: Waypoint encourages groups, families and individuals to come together for a cause each Spring. Help an individual or family in need by gathering personal hygiene & feminine items, or monetary donations. These items will help women & children temporarily living in the shelter, and families living in severe poverty. Donations are accepted at Waypoint Services, 318 5th Street SE, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.
Volunteer Need 4
Madge Phillips Center Shelter volunteer assistant: Seeking volunteers to support emergency shelter staff during overnight hours (11 p.m. - 7 a.m.).