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At Presentation Lantern Center visitors are greeted by staff and volunteers. They receive a tutor with whom they study English; they learn practical life skills to use in a new country; they meet many people from other countries of origin; they share their stories and cultures; and they experience so much more … and all are blessed by their coming. Presentation Lantern’s mission is to offer hospitality, educational opportunities and advocacy to adult immigrants, especially women, who are striving to better their lives. Opening its doors on November 13, 2002, the center makes a difference in the lives of immigrants. Numerous friends, partners and donors have helped us become known in the greater Dubuque community. Sponsored by the Sisters of the Presentations, Dubuque, Iowa, the center is a nonprofit organization.

Sarah Gieseke
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(563) 557-7134
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Volunteer Need 1
Become a tutor of English language learners.
Volunteer Need 2
Companion children while their parents study English.
Volunteer Need 3
Assist newcomers in developing “life skills” in a new culture, such as cooking, shopping and direction-determining.
Volunteer Need 4
Celebrate with students and other volunteers at social events.