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The mission of the Mining and Rollo Jamison Museums is to continue in the pursuit of excellence in the areas of regional and mining history. To achieve that purpose, the museums are commissioned to be a custodian of the past; to interpret the rich lead and zinc mining heritage of the region, as well as to preserve, interpret, and display the artifacts that define Southwest Wisconsin.

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Volunteer Need 1
Tour Guides Volunteer guides help lead tours and educational activities for K-12 schools and youth groups, primarily in the Rollo Jamison Museum exhibits.
Volunteer Need 2
Curatorial Volunteer Curatorial volunteers work directly with the objects in our collection, helping with cataloging, data entry, photography, and other projects.
Volunteer Need 3
Special Events Volunteers at special events greet and count visitors, play traditional games with families, and any number of other things. If you like to work with people this job is for you!
Volunteer Need 4
Volunteer Leadership Opportunities Jamison Museum Association Board Jamison Museum Association Board members lead the 501(c)3 nonprofit Jamison Museum Association that organized in the 1980s to support the Rollo Jamison Museum through fundraising and volunteerism. Today they are active in exhibit development, assist with special events, and work in a wide range of activities. Museum Board A board committee of the City of Platteville, the Museum Board sets policies for all aspects of the Mining and Rollo Jamison Museums relating to maintenance, staffing, public utility, and the disbursements of monies belonging to the Museum Fund. Ad Hoc Committees Periodically staff, the Museum Board, and the Jamison Museum Association Board put together ad hoc committees that include community volunteers to work on special projects such as fundraising, special events, and new initiatives.