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On average 25 children enter foster care homes within the Clinton County each year and another 25-50 Clinton County children are placed outside of Clinton County due to lack of foster homes.

It is the hope of this non profit to help support both our foster families and foster children of Clinton County. MY G.E.A.R. will Distribute Welcome Boxes and First Over Night Bags To All Children, Ages 0-18, In Clinton County Entering Foster Care For The First Time.

Welcome Boxes will include: Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, water bottle, brushes, combs, liquid bath soap, coloring books, crayons, journals, pens, age appropriate toys, reading books, gum, and lollipops. $25.00 per box

First Over Night Bags will include: Tee-shirt, jogging pants, pair of shorts, socks, underwear, travel pillow, blanket and stuffed animal. $45.00 per bag

The mission of MY G.E.A.R. is : To GIVE the hope of Jesus To EQUIP with the most basic needs To promote ACCEPTANCE To RESTORE relationships in our community

As a community we have to opportunity to reach out to others and fill them with the supplies they need and support they want!

Elizabeth Estilow
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Donations are always welcomed! Please contact Liz at 703-201-7584 for any questions or drop off locations!