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The Dubuque Dream Center is a Community Outreach Center committed to mobilizing youth and families to build on Dr. King’s Dream of transforming communities by embracing, empowering, and unifying those who live there. We strive to inspire vision and purpose through Impacting Youth, Strengthening Families, and Building Community.

The Dream Center’s long term vision includes holistic initiatives to benefit the entire community. However, initially the Dubuque Dream Center will initiate our vision to Impact Youth.

Our essential youth impact structure will include Academic Initiatives, After School Programming, and Career Assessments, goal setting, and accomplishments.

The Dream Center will provide structured programs and activities where youth and teens build relationships with caring adults, have a safe place to belong, and participate in value driven programs and activities.

Nellie Kimble
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There are three primary ways you can get involved with the Dream Center. You can volunteer by being an 'in your life' mentor in one of our activities. You can serve meals and be a meal mentor. Or you can get involved in the academic center where you can tutor, mentor, and help kids academically. You can also donate meals, serve meals at the Dream Center, or donate funds. To sign up for a date for serving meals please go to the Meal Train For Dubuque Dream Center, (https://www.mealtrain.com/trains/390le8).