Mentoring Setting

Which of the following settings would you like to mentor in?

School Based Site Based Community Based

Setting Definitions:
School Based:  Mentoring takes place during school hours in a school building under the supervision of school staff. Activities may be academic or skill building.

Site Based:  Mentoring is site specific and usually takes place during non-school hours. Activities and resources, as well as supervision, are generally available onsite.

Community Based:  Mentoring takes place unsupervised in the community. This mentor match provides flexiblity to decide where and what types of activities you and your mentee will do together.

*Stipends are available for volunteer mentors with the Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) and the AmeriCorps Partners In Learning program (PIL). For more information call Stacy at FGP at 563-588-3980 or Deb at PIL at 563-584-8644.