St. Mark Community Center


St. Mark Youth Enrichment planted its roots in downtown Dubuque in 1988. When St. Mark Lutheran Church closed its doors, the congregation donated their facility and additional resources to the downtown Dubuque neighborhood to continue their mission of social ministry and neighborhood revitalization.

With one staff member, a few volunteer and 13 students, St. Mark Youth Enrichment was born. Twenty-three years later, St. Mark Youth Enrichment serves close to 300 students a day and thousands of downtown Dubuque residents every year. At St. Mark Youth Enrichment, we believe that every child deserves an opportunity to succeed.

We work to improve the academic and social development of at-risk youth so that they can reach their highest potential and become productive members of the community. We are one of the few non-profit agencies in Dubuque that offers structured academic remediation, mentoring and youth development programs aimed at assisting at-risk youth at little or no charge to families.

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