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I want to better connect with you and help you do the same.  But how?  I needed to go to my place and give this some more thought.  Armed only with my iPod, shuffling through various albums of Audioslave, I took to the hiking trails of Whitewater Canyon.  If you’ve never been, please ask me to take you out there sometime.  I would love to show you around.

Today was definitely a day for reflection, so I took a left and headed for the overlook.


In order for me to connect with you in a way that really matters, I know I need to make myself vulnerable, and vice versa.  That’s where the most meaningful connections are made.  This is excruciatingly difficult for me.  I rarely let myself be seen; seen for who I really am.  I put so much effort in trying to be someone who I’m not; someone who I think others want to see.  And in the end, I’m left feeling alone.

As I stood atop the overlook taking the incredible view in, I began to reflect on the experiences that I have had in my life in which I felt deeply connected to another person.  The first thing that came to mind was when I was in the Marines.  I would have given my life for any one of my peers, that much is certain.  And what’s even more interesting, if any one of those guys were to call me today, nearly 14 years removed, and tell me they needed my help with something, I’d have my bag packed and would be headed out the door in a moment’s notice…without hesitation.  No question.

What if our community felt that type of connection?  Can you imagine what might be realized?  I think about this a lot.  I believe much of the pain and struggle we experience would be eliminated.  I believe we would experience a level of happiness that has not yet been realized in our society.

I know the path we must take together is a path in which we are left feeling exposed.  If we really, truly want to realize something incredible, we must.  I’ve seen what’s at the end of the trail.  I want to share the view with you.

path to overlook

Be vulnerable.  Give me the opportunity to get to know the real you, and I promise that I will do the same.  Truth be told, I’m being vulnerable right now.  It’s been difficult for me to even write this.  I don’t care though.  It’s worth the risk.

overlook view

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