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ResourcesUnite just completed an amazing 6 months. We redefined our mission, redesigned our site, collaborated with the Chamber of Commerce to create the monthly Community Connections meetings, and developed the Dubuque Mentoring Project application walk through. It’s been a wild 180 days of discussion, collaboration and creation. And it’s been a blast.

As summer approaches and we take time to reflect, we begin looking forward to more ideas and collaboration. And, pardon the cliche, RU’s future is bright. We’re looking forward to tackling our upcoming projects, all in the name of changing the way we change the world.

We’ve begun work on the RU magazine, affectionately called RU Mag. We continue to meet and plan the Volunteer Center. We continue to discuss and design the RU Volunteer App. We’re continuing to think big. It’s what gets us excited; thinking big.

But recently the question hit us; why aren’t we thinking big out loud? While all this thinking is going on at our office, over lunch, in committees, or on my back deck, these are still mostly private ways of thinking big. In our envisioned world where everything is united and connect it seems pretty limiting to keep our ideas isolated from our website.

Beginning this month, Josh and I are going to begin broadcasting our thoughts. We’re going to start sharing our ideas. The good ideas and the ideas that aren’t so good. The right ideas and the wrong ideas. Our successes and our failures, for better or for worse. We’re going to write, simply to write. As an exercise in public thought. We’re giving ourselves permission to publish our ideas without concern over grammatical errors or whether the idea is correct/acceptable/too transparent. We will write even when we don’t think we have something to say, because what we find is this is how “thought experiments” works. Taking “adjacent possibles” and pulling at that little thread until the idea unravels in our laps.

Some posts will be updates about RU, some will be informational about our community, some will be ideas we’re fleshing out and some will be our dreams and aspirations. We take a tremendous amount of pleasure in thinking, collaborating, and creating community engagement tools and services. We believe you do as well so we might as well put our brains together.

This post is permission to ourselves to flesh out RU in public. Josh and I will be posting daily during the week and sporadically on weekends. One post per day by each of us. First one to blink loses and buys the winner a steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse (our go to wager). You will definitely be made aware of the outcome, most likely through a cocky blog post written be the winner.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. To make sure you don’t miss out in any updates, please follow us @resourcesunite and on Facebook. Or, if you are geeky like me, subscribe to our RSS feed. I’ve been using the excellent RSS reader Feedly and recommend it highly.

As always feel free to email us at jon(at)resourcesunite.com or josh(at)resourcesunite.com or post a comment.

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