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Our Mission is “Getting Seniors Where They Want to Go”. What this represents is that nearly 250 members, age 65 and over, who would have difficulty, if not an impossible task to get where they need to go in the community are able to do so. We are providing (July 2014) a record over 1,000 rides a month, and we have a waiting list of potential members, pending additional volunteers. Currently, 148 volunteers are involved. Nearly half of the rides we provide are to medical, dental or vision appoints of some type, but the other half of the destinations are as varied as our members. More and more folks are reaching an age where they lose some of their physical mental abilities, and often are therefore precluded from driving themselves, but who are still interested in staying involved in the community. While Dubuque has a very good public transportation system, it does not always serve the needs of older citizens who cannot get to a bus stop or in the case of the Mini-Bus system, are unable to ride on an extended route, or are unable to schedule their ride accurately in advance. Taxi service in Dubuque is offered as well, from a variety of credible companies, but the price of the ride can sometimes be prohibitive, particularly if the trip is one that must happen frequently. We offer door to door service, and our volunteer drivers are able and willing to offer personal assistance as well. Members must be ambulatory, in that they must be able to walk and move on their own, however, we can and do accomodate folks who must use walkers or canes. We are not equipped, since we are using private cars and volunteers to provide rides for anyone in a wheelchair. Members pay a $45 annual fee, and $4 per leg of a ride, which covers about 50% of the costs of operations. Other revenue includes individual contributions (25%), a City of Dubuque Purchase of Service (15%), and grants from foundations and bequests (10%).

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Volunteer Need 1
We are asking for volunteers to provide rides using their own vehicle. A reimbursement is available for costs. Anyone are 18 and older with a reliable car, a reasonably clean driving record, verified insurance and a little time is eligible. Volunteers can do as little or as much as they can. No pressure!
Volunteer Need 2
Office assistance to answer phones, prepare and receive emails and verify and confirm rides on a daily basis, 2 hours a day average.