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Four Mounds mission is to preserve the natural, architectural and historical resources of the Four Mounds estate. We also look to educate with hands-on opportunities for youth and our community and serve through leadership, stewardship, and innovative partnerships.

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Volunteer Need 1
Mowing Grass - our Mounds is a beautiful respite and mowing the grass is something that’s needed on an almost full-time basis for 6 months a year. Whether it's once a week or once in a while, we could use your help.
Volunteer Need 2
Industrial Maintenance - We have a variety of buildings and vehicles that need maintenance. We know there are folks out there with the skills to help maintain our plumbing, air conditioners, boilers, vehicles and systems.
Volunteer Need 3
Woodshop - Have you seen ours? It’s pretty awesome! Refinishing furniture, fixing a screen door, or crafting a new piece of trim on our molder.
Volunteer Need 4
Gardening - We have many beds scattered throughout our site. Help us with the kitchen garden, or pick one of the other beds. If you are a master gardener... help us manage our beautiful Rock Garden. There’s lots to do so long as it rains!
Volunteer Need 5
Event Planning - Great for the organized and energetic person! We have many events (or projects) where we could use the assistance following through or leading up to our goals.